Protecting our Healthcare

Posted on January 2, 2022


Healthcare has always been at the forefront of the political debate. I believe in patient centered healthcare that focuses in on the patient’s individual needs.  A free-market healthcare system gives consumers the opportunity to choose the direction of their care.  I will advocate for policies that will support the patient-physician relationship, foster competition, and keep healthcare costs down.

Supporting our Frontline Healthcare Workers

Anthony Figliola Supporting healthcare workers.

Our healthcare workers have been on the frontlines even before this pandemic.  Their contribution to the health and safety of us all is undeniable.  However, for thousands who worked long hours and were herald as ‘heros’ for facing the pandemic head on are being fired from their jobs and denied unemployment benefits – leaving them with little options to feed their families.

These heros should not lose their livelihood, because of a personal choice to not receive this vaccine.  Our healthcare workers protect us and now it’s time we protect them.

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